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2021 AGM Continuance

Dear Members,

As per previous communication, the continuance of our AGM is scheduled for: Thursday, 25th November 2021 - 6.30pm @Sports and Social Club

There are now two nominations for the vacant President's positionJulie Clifton and Vaughan McDonald. Both nominees will have an opportunity to address the quorum, (minimum 15 members) which will then be followed by a private ballot.

7.4 Voting Rights

a) Only financial and life members and persons holding specific official positions, listed in standing orders, who are over the age of eighteen years old on the day of the meeting, shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings. Subject to these rules each member present in person or by proxy shall be entitled to one vote.

b) A member may appoint another person, (whether a member or not) to attend and vote instead of the member at any meeting as long as that person has written authority of that member, (written and signed vote or valid email).

c) An official of the Club shall be defined as an appointee/volunteer of the committee as recorded in the Club Minutes for that year.

**The Secretary ( or President ( can receive multiple proxy votes to cast for absent members during any meeting. Please forward to one of the above emails prior to 25/11/21 - 5pm if you wish to vote**

We invite as many members to attend and/or vote as possible to have their say in appointing Willunga Football Club’s future President.

Constitution Amendments

The 2021 management committee has ratified the constitution amendments contained below.

*Amendments signified via: Red is the change, deletion shown struck through and blue is explanation.

The Club Colours shall be white and red and blue.

Blue trim is already being used in our Women’s Guernsey.

Yours in Football

Willunga Football Club Management Committee 2021/22

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