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2021 Senior Presentation Award Winners

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

What a fantastic night we had to celebrate a history making season!

Thank you to our hard-working committe and volunteers for organising such a great event and congratulations to all the award recipients.

A Grade - Premiers

Best and Fairest - Cameron Hutchens

Best and Fairest Runner Up - Tyson Hoffmann

Best Team Man Carnevale Award - Braden Altus

Coaches - Craig Nelson

Most Consistent - Marcus Burdett

Best in Finals - Brian Fenton

Leading Goal Kicker Chris Hams Award - Tyson Hoffmann

Open Women - Premiers

Best and Fairest - Katrice Turner

Best and Fairest Runner Up - Kristen Rothwell

Most Valuable Player - Kristen Rothwell

Best Team Player - Ella Radbone

Best First Year Player - Courtney Gutschmidt

Coaches - Jodie Hunt

Best in Finals - Ella Radbone

Leading Goal Kicker - Jessica Harris

Reserves - Third

Best and Fairest - Shaun Gale

Best and Fairest Runner Up - Cameron Turner

Best Team Man - Cameron Turner

Coaches - Ben Martin

Most Improved - Jake Shirvington

Best in Finals - Sam Tregenza

Leading Goal Kicker - Damion Young

Special Awards

Honorary Life Membership - Doctor Michael Reid

Life Membership - Jake Standfield

Long Service - Charlie Washington

Club Person of the Year - Todd Steele

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