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Sign, sealed , delivered

The Willunga Football Club would love to officially welcome the Redden and Bowley family to Demonland Robin and Tony Redden (Mum and Dad) Tom Redden and partner Vieve Pettman Jack Redden and wife Aymee Redden Jed Redden and partner Belle Buttery Alex Bowley and partner Emma Redden Along with their crew of 8 little ones ranging from 5 years to just 2 weeks old!

Tom is a strong, hard running wingman that can swing through the middle also. Aggressive at the ball and the opposition, Toms enthusiasm will lift the group enormously.

Jack is a big bodied mid who we've all loved watching over his time at the Brisbane Lions and the West Coast Eagles. Hard, tough and skilful Jack will provide great leadership to our group.

Jed is the youngest of the Redden brothers but stands the tallest. At 198cm he can play either Centre Half Back or Centre Half Forward who also has great skills for a big man!

Alex is a mid size midfielder that hunts the ball hard and likes to play half back as well. He will provide strong drive forward with his experience and skill.

We can’t wait to see the 4 of you running around in the white and red in 2023.

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